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3D Sponge Bunny 5" (Goshman)
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3D Sponge Bunny 5" (Goshman)
3D Sponge Bunny 5" (Goshman)
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With this beautiful production rabbit hidden away in your favorite trick, you will really surprise everyone when it pops out of nowhere! This 5" 3D rabbit matches the rabbits in the Dacri 3D rabbit routine. 

Measures 5 inches long and 3 inches tall.

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Surprise your audience with this 5 inch 3D sponge rabbit!  

This replaces the Dacri 3D Sponge Bunny 6.5" (Goshman), which has 
discontinued. This sponge rabbit, at about 5" in length and 3" tall, 
is as charming as the predecessor.