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Dancing Hanky (TM)
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Dancing Hanky (TM)
Dancing Hanky (TM)
Item #: 19346 (M6-4-3)
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A handkerchief is displayed at the fingertips. The magician waves his hands and the handkerchief leaps into the air with a life of its own. It flies around the arms, jumps back and forth, dancing in the air. The magician grabs the hanky and tosses it down, making it lifeless once again. Complete with instructions, silk handkerchief and secret gimmick.
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Dancing Hanky (VDF)
20921 (M6-4-3)
Magician clearly shows an ordinary hanky, then folds it and puts it on the table. She captures a ghost from mid air, and suddenly it rises & falls in a most spooky manner, without the magician touching it! The hanky is 15.4" square (39cm).
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Haunted Hanky (FT)
11764 (M10-13-4)
An ordinary handkerchief is displayed, but then it moves up and down on its own, as if haunted. Includes special handkerchief and illustrated instructions.
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Classic Devils Handkerchief - Blue (Bazar de Magia)
A great utility prop for the close-up performer, the Devil Hankerchief lets you easily make almost any small object appear, vanish or change! Comes with one dark blue 17.5-inch handkerchief and instructions.
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Tenyo Silk from Hanky T-10
Magically transform any hanky into a beautiful red silk, right before your spectators eyes. Also includes bonus "Salt Pour" routine! Includes gimmicks for children and adults to perform.
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Marconick Magic - Book #2
10930 (L8-3-3.L15-3-4)
A short book with a lot of tricks over several disciplines.
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Amazing Drawer Box  (FT)
Drawer box is 4" long, 2.5" wide and 0.6" high and can produce or vanish items like paper money, paper slips, biscuits, small silks, pleated ribbons, or crayons.
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Belch Powder
17366 (M2-10-1)
Harmless fun that makes your friends need to burp repeatedly.
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Appearing Wand - SS Economy PC (FT)
19663 (M1-14-1)
Expand this stainless steel wand from 4" to 20".
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Breakaway Fan - Deluxe S.S. (FT)
12931 (M3-4-2)
Great laugh producer! During your performance, open the fan to "magically" fan some object. Then ask an audience member to help and hold the fan. When they do, it FALLS APART. When you take back the fan and open it, it is restored again. Repeatable.
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Color Changing Wand (FT)
This wand magically changes color from red with gold tips to black with gold tips.
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The handkerchief will move all on its own.