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Deck Tailor Breather Deck - Bicycle Red
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Deck Tailor Breather Deck - Bicycle Red
Deck Tailor Breather Deck - Bicycle Red
Item #: 21360 (M6-3-2)
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You’ve probably heard of a “breather” card - a card with a simple crimp in the middle, used as a key card to find the spectator’s card, usually manipulated to be either in front of it or behind it. Many people make their own using a fingernail dragged across a card along both diagonals or they press a card into a large coin, like a quarter. That’s fine, as long as you don’t shuffle your deck or let your spectator see that oddly-creased card...Breather decks are something different, something that can even fool many magicians. The ENTIRE deck is crimped by the Deck Tailor, but the crimps are OFFSET - not in the center but just below it, using a special tool that makes a smoothly-uniform, nearly-invisible bump. It handles like a stripper deck; when these crimps are all aligned, everything looks pretty normal. Once your spectator selects a card, you place it in the deck reversed and hold the deck in a
mechanic’s grip - that’s when something very cool happens.

Your spectator sees absolutely nothing strange, no card edge peeking out from one of the sides or corners - but that reversed crimp, out of alignment with the others, creates “the pinky break without the pinky” on your end of the deck, away from prying eyes! Better still, you can shuffle the deck just like a stripper deck and that break will “follow” your card, no matter how many times you shuffle, allowing you to cut to it with ease.


Are you into cool flourishes? The gap that the reversed card creates makes it super easy to perform a Charlier Cut right to the spectator’s chosen card - how cool is that?



These aren’t your typical gaffs or gimmicks. These are pro grade tools for pro grade results, crafted to higher standards than what’s typically available on the market. Start using tools your spectators won’t see coming! The introductory products of this series are hand-altered card control decks created by the Deck Tailor, Don Boyer, to highly exacting standards. Even some magicians will be fooled when you’re performing with these pasteboard weapons.

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You know about a breather card but here is 
the Breather Deck, 
by Don Boyer, the Deck Tailor. The entire 
deck is offset so any 
reversed card can be easily found.