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Desire Test (Astor)
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Desire Test (Astor)
Desire Test (Astor)
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The Mentalist predicts the dominant desire of the spectator. For this experience, the Mentalist uses some large cards which have pictures of the spectator's possible desires, a transparent envelope holding these cards and a whiteboard marker. The Mentalist draws a prediction on the back of the envelope, which matches with the picture on the card previously chosen by the spectator. This trick can be learned extremely fast and easy.  See Astor the Magician demonstrate this effect here.


"A new mental effect with powerful symbols...I like it for my style of performing!"  

--Jeff Mcbride


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The Mentalist predicts the dominant desire of the spectator  from amongst large picture cards previously shown to the spectator, using a transparent envelope and a whiteboard marker. Easy to learn.