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Devils Hook - Pack of 72 (FT)
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Devils Hook - Pack of 72 (FT)
Devils Hook - Pack of 72 (FT)
Item #: 22000 (M6-2-2)
Unit: Each

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Challenge someone to balance this hook on their fingertip. Seems impossible unless you know how. You can easily balance it on your fingertip, or even on the tip of your nose or the end of a pencil. Molded in bright colored plastic, over 3.5" long, with illustrated instructions. Pack of 72.

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EZ Magic Balancing Quarter
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You vertically balance one quarter on top of another! Then, while holding the bottom of one quarter, your other hand rotates the top coin 90 degrees so that it is now resting sideways opposed to the bottom coin. Still the coin remains balanced!
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Balancing Magic Wands (FT) - Pack of 25
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Easily balance the hook on your fingertip when no one else can.