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Dice Bomb (TM)
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Dice Bomb (TM)
Dice Bomb (TM)
Item #: 22030 (M2-16-1)
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Place a black die in the clear box. With a quick shake it explodes into 8 tiny dice!


Or place the black die in the box. With a quick shake the die changes colors!


Easy to do. Packed in a full color box with instructions.

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Sure Shot Dice Box - Royal
21550 (M7-11-4)
Control the outcome of the shake of the two dice - tell your spectators which numbers will appear on top of the dice before the lid of the box is removed.
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Problema (VDF)
21541 (M6-2-2)
A baffling effect! You show a box with six dice with different numbers visible on top. After covering the box, another die is rolled. Let's say the number is 3. You remove the cover and all the dice show 3!
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Dice Bomb - Plus (New 2022 Version) (VDF)
21481 (M6-1-1)
A white die is shown inside a transparent container. Shake the container and instantly, without any cover or suspicious move, the die “explodes,” changing into 8 tiny white dice! - A brand new version for 2022.
In Stock

Dice Atomizer Crazy Cube (FT)
21008 (R4-3-4)
The die in the container explodes into several smaller dice.
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Andy Comic DVD Magic Tricks -  Dice Bomb
DVD19428 (R1-4-5)
A DVD presented by Andy Comic explaining the dice bomb.
Out of Stock

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25 feet of rope and instructions on cutting and restoring it!
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Place a black die in the clear box. With a quick shake it explodes 
into 8 tiny dice!