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Dice Transformation Box (FT)
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Dice Transformation Box (FT)
Dice Transformation Box (FT)
Item #: 19010 (M7-1-3)
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Effect: Performer opens the lid of a small box and shows the inside of the box is full, containing six dice. They are serially arranged to show the numbers one to six facing up from inside the box. Performer covers the lid of the box, then hands another die to a spectator, who throws this die on top of the closed box. Presume the number thrown is 4.  When the box is opened, surprise!  All the dice facing up in the box have 4 spots!


Spectators can examine the box and dice to their heart's content.  We supply the plastic box with lid, all the required Dice, gimmicks and full instructions. You can repeat the effect with a different result.  Excellent pocket effect.

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All of the 6 dice inside of the box will transform from showing 1 
through 6 spots on top to match whatever one number is rolled by the 
spectator. Can be examined, and repeated with a different result.