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Die Tunnel Jumbo (FT)
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Die Tunnel Jumbo (FT)
Die Tunnel Jumbo (FT)
Item #: 21805 (M7-2-4)
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Performer displays a large die and a square tube.  The tube is just large enough for the die to pass through comfortably. It is impossible for the die to turn inside the tube.  However, the die is pushed through the tube, and magically the spots on top of the die change. You can hand the die out for examination before and after the change. There are no shells, flaps, moving spots or anything tricky about the die.  The tube folds absolutely flat and could not possibly conceal anything.


We supply you with a large die (approximately 1.5″ square) and the plastic tube which folds flat. The large size enables you to use this item for a much larger audience, including a small platform or parlor show.


Create an entire dice routine with our extensive inventory of dice magic.

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A die and a tube that is just wide enough for the die to 
pass through are freely shown. The die is pushed through the tube 
and magically the spots on top of the die change!