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Disecto Arm Chopper - Regular (FT)
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Disecto Arm Chopper - Regular (FT)
Disecto Arm Chopper - Regular (FT)
Item #: 9511 (M7-4-1)
Unit: Each

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An urn shaped frame, with a large hole in the middle, and two smaller holes on the sides is displayed. A blade swivels in the frame. A spectator's arm is placed in the large hole, and the blade passes right through, leaving the arm completely unharmed. Laminated wood prop.
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Card through Finger (FT)
A finger chopper effect using four cards. Includes carrying wallet and instructions.
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19207 (M2-2-1)
Within the box, the blades go through your arm but leave no marks.
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The blade will go right through the participant's arm.