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DLite Magic Light Products
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DLite Junior Pairs - Ultra Bright Red
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DLite Junior Pairs - Ultra Bright Red
DLite Junior Pairs - Ultra Bright Red
Item #: 18089 (M7-6-4)
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Now the kinds and young magicians can enjoy this great traveling light illusion with a junior sized gimmick made to fit smaller hands. Same great gimmick and method.
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DLite Regular Pairs - Dazzle Ultra Bright Red
Your hands appear to be empty, yet bright flashing lights appear and disappear at your command. D'Lite Dazzle is stunning. If you thought D'Lite got attention, wait until you see Dazzle. One regular pair - red.
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DLite Basics of Sleeving DVD - Vol. 2
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Clear Force Bag (FT)
10888 (M4-2-3)
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Tote Bag - Triple Pocket
20673 (M23-12-3)
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A pair of junior sized red finger tips. Show your hands empty, then 
pluck a bright red light out of the air, pass the light from hand to 
hand, through your ears, and make it disappear.