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DLite Magic Light Products
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DLite Junior Single - Ultra Bright Red
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DLite Junior Single - Ultra Bright Red
DLite Junior Single - Ultra Bright Red
Item #: 13465 (M3-15-1)
Unit: Each

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This pocket sized item has unlimited uses!


Now the kids and young magicians can enjoy this great traveling light illusion with a junior sized gimmick made to fit smaller hands. Same great gimmick and method.


Here is the instructional video.

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Lit Bulbs from Mouth - (FT)
21746 (M5-4-1)
This is a miniature version of the Lit Bulbs from Mouth effect, using extra bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), and makes for a very effective visual magic routine.
Out of Stock

DLite Regular Pairs - Ultra Bright Yellow
20529 (M3-15-4)
DLite Yellow is a perfect addition to any magic act using fire and flames or looking for a substitute for fire. DLite Yellow used with a candle or a match can entertain right at the dinner table. DLite is a a perfect companion for fire Magic.
In Stock

DLite White Pairs Junior Size
20494 (M3-15-4)
Junior size white gimmicks made to fit smaller hands.
In Stock

Kids Kards Richard Pinner's Magic Deck
15056 (M11-6-1)
The magician changes hand drawn cards into a real deck. An amazing transformation effect with a cute story and lots of magic!
Out of Stock

Thumb Tip - Plastic (Vernet) - Children's Size - Pack of 12
18509 (M9-3-1)
Children and teen-sized thumb tips (fingertips). Bulk pack of 1 dozen.
Out of Stock

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Place a black die in the clear box. With a quick shake it explodes into 8 tiny dice!
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Magic Coin Case 4 inch (Coin Slide)
22027 (M3-10-3)
Change, vanish, or make a coin appear. Pack of 12.
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Magic Wand - 10" Plastic - Header Card
21935 (F2-4-1)
Black magic wand with white tips. Beautiful display item - with header card. 10 inches long.
In Stock

Magic Wand - 10" Plastic - Pack of 12 (FT)
21845 (F2-3-2)
10 inches long, these are excellent magic wands.
Out of Stock

Tenyo The Final Piece T304
21838 (F5-1-3)
The single puzzle piece the spectator selects is exactly the correct piece needed to complete the puzzle!
Out of Stock

Tenyo Lucky Strings T303
21837 (F5-2-4)
Five strings. Can you find the lucky one? Let your spectator win or lose, your choice. We prefer WIN!
Out of Stock

A single red lighted thumb tip for kids. Show your hands 
empty, then pluck a bright red light out of the air and make it 
disappear. Junior size to fit smaller hands.