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Dollar Bill Penetration (FT)
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Dollar Bill Penetration (FT)
Dollar Bill Penetration (FT)
Item #: 13504 (M7-8-3)
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The Performer shows a handsome wooden frame with 3 holes in it and a backing piece.  A currency bill is sandwiched between the frame and the backing and is clearly visible through all 3 holes.  A “star trap” is swiveled over the center hole, and a pencil pushed right through it, emerging from the other side. The note is visible through the 2 side holes as the penetration takes place.  Finally, the star trap is swiveled away, to show the bill unharmed. The apparatus can be freely shown.  Watch this wonderful apparatus at work here.

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The bill borrowed from the audience is punctured with a pencil, but 
leaves no holes. Apparatus is made of wood.