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Double Change Brass Hot Rod with DVD
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Double Change Brass Hot Rod with DVD
Double Change Brass Hot Rod with DVD
Item #: 10108 (M7-9-3)
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The new kit of the classic Hot Rod trick now comes with DVD. The magician displays a brass rod with six colors. The colors are green, yellow, red, white, blue, and black. The colors are in this order on the front and back of the rod. The spectator is then asked to freely select any of the six colors.

The magician then shakes the rod and the spectators color jumps to a different location on the rod. Once again the rod is shown front and back. The magician shakes the rod again and the selected color has jumped back to its previous location on both rods. The magician then asks a second spectator to select any number from 1 to 6. He then counts to a selected number on the rod. This brings him to a new color, let's say red. The rod is then slid through the magician's hand changing all the colors to red.

Now for the amazing part. The rod is again shown front and back and handed to the spectator to be examined. A fabulous Hot Rod routine.

Rod made of brass and precision made.

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Your favorite trick now comes with DVD! Made of brass, the six 
colors all become the same.