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Dove Pan - MS - PC (FT)
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Dove Pan - MS - PC (FT)
Dove Pan - MS - PC (FT)
Item #: 15148 (M7-10-3)
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The Dove Pan is a classic production prop, not only for producing a live Dove, but for Baking a Cake routines, or any standard production items. This model is sturdily spun in mild steel, 9" in diameter and 6" high with a pan depth of 2.75". Powder coated in a steel grey finish to bring you a very durable and very economical model. Supplied complete with instructions.

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Be able to produce a live dove right out of the pan.  Sturdily spun 
in mild steel, powder coated, 9" in diameter and 6" high with a pan 
depth of 2.75".