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Dove Tray (FT)
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Dove Tray (FT)
Dove Tray (FT)
Item #: 17877 (M7-10-2)
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This is a production prop for producing a dove or a baby pigeon. Performer shows a tray freely on both sides. Visibly and in an instant a dove appears on the tray. Or you can place a balloon on the tray, which bursts, and dove appears. This is a new model of the prop, much improved in quality and finish to the previous model, supplied complete with instructions. (You use your own dove!)
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Rubber Dove 6"
A lifelike rubber dove can be used in many magic situations. As a production item, you can make it appear from a Dove Pan or a changing bag. You can place the rubber dove in a paper bag, crumple it up and reproduce a live dove elsewhere.
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Dove Classics by K. Kirkham
BK14517 (L4-3-3.L32-1.2-4.4)
This book teaches 25 tricks involving dove magic.
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Mesh Egg Bag
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Productions from Silks (VDF)
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Change Bag - Standard Red (Bazar de Magia)
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Make a dove appear from the tray.