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DPG Mysterious Curtain with Illusion Hands (Third Hand)
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DPG Mysterious Curtain with Illusion Hands (Third Hand)
DPG Mysterious Curtain with Illusion Hands (Third Hand)
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The magician opens and shows the curtain with both hands, then hides their face with the curtain. When their face is shown again, the performer is wearing glasses! The performer hides their face again, and then has a cigarette in their mouth! And again, after a moment, the cigarette and the glasses are suddenly gone! Plus, an object from the table can mysteriously float in the air after being covered with the curtain! All these and more are possible to perform! Complete set with a pair of illusion hands.

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After he closes the curtain with both hands to hide his face, the magician reopens it and has made items appear or disappear from his face. Plus, he can make an object from the table mysteriously float in the air! A pair of illusion hands included.