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Draw String Change Bag (FT)
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Draw String Change Bag (FT)
Draw String Change Bag (FT)
Item #: 11962 (M7-13-4)
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Presenting a handy and unique way to switch items. This large, colorful bag is just right for making silks vanish or change color. You can cut a rope into many pieces, place them into the drawstring bag and then bring out the rope fully restored… THEN SHOW THE BAG EMPTY!

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101 Tricks with Change Bags Booklet (FT)
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Information on a variety of Change Bags (flat, draw string, one hand, regular, repeat, clear force, and mesh), and 101 tricks you can do with them.
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Change Bag - Chrome Handle - Gold (Bazar de Magia)
Put an item inside the bag, then turn it inside out - vanished! Turn the bag inside out again - appeared! Beautiful gold color.
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Tote Bag - Mini
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A small velvet bag with drawstring for a production, vanish, switch, color change, etc.
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Change Bag - Diamond Red and White (Bazar de Magia)
One of the most useful and versatile tools available, this diamond pattern Change Bag offers an easy and effective method for productions, vanishes, changes and much more. Made of durable plastic.
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Change Bag - Standard Black (Bazar de Magia)
Use the Change Bag with any object that fits into the bag Producing! Vanishing! Changing! One hand activated. New design! Plastic handle, no more scratched wood.
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This magic bag can change items and make them vanish.