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Dream String - Elastic Invisible Thread Loops (FT)
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Dream String - Elastic Invisible Thread Loops (FT)
Dream String - Elastic Invisible Thread Loops (FT)
Item #: 21426 (M7-13-3)
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If you want to do some “real magic”, then there has not been a finer magician’s gimmick in the last decade than the elastic invisible thread loop. It is one of the most practical of all invisible thread “systems” – you can wear it all day, and are ready to perform any time, any place, for any audience. The elastic loops measure 4″, and stretch to 10″ in use. They are completely invisible, and yet very strong.


Modern technology has made this classic magician's accessory into a miracle gimmick that makes so much more possible – the material from which these loops are made was not available to magicians until a few years ago, even if magicians have used “invisible thread” for centuries.


You can animate or levitate light objects. You can make a deck of cards cut itself for a haunted deck effect. Make a borrowed fork or a pair of spectacles move in an impossible manner. Once you start playing around with these, your imagination is the limit of its possibilities.


This is not push-button magic. As for any good effect, you need to practice. But it is the easiest and most practical form of IT to handle and use.


We supply you with a packet of 5 loops. (You may break or lose one or two in the initial stages, but when correctly handled, each loop can be used for dozens if not 100s of performances).


We give you the basic handling instructions, and one illustrated routine to familiarize you with their use. The rest is for you to “create” – and there are instruction books and DVDs available for their use if you do not want to explore this further on your own.  Ideal for table hoppers, close-up workers, bar and cabaret workers, and with a little imagination even for platform and stage workers. 

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Elastic invisible thread loops are one of the most practical of all 
invisible thread “systems” – you can wear one all day, and are ready 
to perform any time, any place, for any audience. Packet of 5 loops.