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Dribble Glass Joke Plastic 4 oz
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Dribble Glass Joke Plastic 4 oz
Dribble Glass Joke Plastic 4 oz
Item #: 17497 (M7-13-1)
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No prankster's joke kit would be complete without a dribble glass.  Fill with water and offer a drink.  Watch the puzzled look on their face when they try to take a drink from this glass!  Always good for a laugh, fun at parties.  Strategically placed holes in the sides of the cup cause water to dribble out... and the laughs to dribble as well.  3 1/2" tall, 2" Diameter, made of clear plastic.

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No prankster's joke kit would be complete without a dribble glass. 
Fill with water and offer a drink. 3.5" tall, 2" diameter, 4 ounces, 
clear plastic. Blister packed.