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EGGStraordinary Acrobatic Blocks (FT)
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EGGStraordinary Acrobatic Blocks (FT)
EGGStraordinary Acrobatic Blocks (FT)
Item #: 18617 (M3-18-4)
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Performer displays three solid cubes - red, white, and blue. He drops them into a square tube, blue first, then white, and finally the red. He turns the tube upside down, but cubes are still in the original order. The audience suspects something fishy - a thumping sound from the tube suggests an extra cube. After several more surprises the "extra" cube turns out to be an egg! And everything can be examined.

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3 cubes, red, white, and blue, are dropped into a tube. When 
turned upside down, they are in the same order. Audience suspects an 
extra cube...No! It's an egg!