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84 Card Tricks Book
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84 Card Tricks Book
84 Card Tricks Book
Item #: BK14098 (L4-2-3.L36-F)
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By Hugh Morris. An introduction to card magic that has stood the test of time! 84 Card Tricks contains all the general principles of sleight of hand with cards and many fine effects.  Well written, 48 pages.   Included tricks are:



  1. The All-Important "Pass"
  2. Deceptive Shuffles
  3. Forcing A Card
  4. The "Long Card"
  5. The Divining Card
  6. The Bootlegged Card
  7. To Place A Card
  8. To Slip A Card
  9. To Carry Away A Card
  10. The Congress Of Court Cards
  11. To Discover The Card Which Is Drawn, By The Throw Of A Dice
  12. The Guessed Card
  13. The Recruit Trick
  14. To Tell The Card That May Be Noted
  15. To Separate The Two Colors Of A Pack Of Cards By One Cut
  16. The "Spelling Bee" Trick
  17. The "Alternate Card" Trick
  18. To Name Any Number Of Cards In Succession Without Seeing Them
  19. To Arrange Twelve Cards In Rows, In Such A Manner That They Will Count Four In Every Direction
  20. The Locomotive Card
  21. Card Named Without Being Seen
  22. To Find In The Pack, Whatever Card A Person Has Drawn, With A Handkerchief
  23. Coppers And Robbers
  24. To Guess Several Cards Chosen At Random
  25. To Name The Rank Of A Card That A Person Has Drawn From A Piquet Pack
  26. How To Make Twenty People Draw The Same Card
  27. The Last Roundup
  28. Circle Of Fourteen Cards
  29. To Find The Number Of Points On Three Unseen Cards
  30. To Tell The Numbers On Two Unseen Cards
  31. To Tell The Card On Which A Person Has Put The Finger
  32. Look At Him!
  33. To Tell Through A Wine-Glass What Cards Have Been Turned
  34. To Make Picture Cards Always Come Together
  35. The Fairy Kings
  36. To Guess The Number Of Spots On Any Chosen Card
  37. To Tell How Many Cards A Person Takes Out Of A Pack, And To Identify Each Card
  38. Pushing A Card Through A Table
  39. Around And Around
  40. Changing A Card By Order
  41. Blind Man’s Bluff
  42. To Discover Any Card In A Pack By Its Weight Or Smell
  43. The Right Hand Does Know What The Left Is Doing
  44. Through The Looking-Glass
  45. The Siamese Twins
  46. Smelling Out Royalty
  47. The Magical Trio
  48. Stuck With A Card
  49. Mental Telepathy With Cards
  50. To Make A Card Jump Out Of The Pack And Run On The Table
  51. Pocketing A Card
  52. To Make Four Eights Change Into Four Twos, And From Black To Red
  53. How To Name One Of Twenty-Five Cards
  54. How To Tell The Top Cards Of Four Parts Of A Deck
  55. The Stubborn Card
  56. Come Seven!
  57. Odd And Even
  58. The Magic Twelve
  59. To Produce Instantly A Card Called For
  60. To Tell A Card Thought Of, And Name Its Position In The Pack
  61. To Name A Card Seen By The Spectator
  62. To Find A Certain Card After It Has Been Shuffled In The Pack
  63. To Tell The Numbers Of Any Two Cards Drawn From A Common Pack
  64. To Make All The Cards, Except A Chosen One, Fall To The Floor
  65. To Tell Whether Any Card In The Pack Is Red Or Black Without Looking At It
  66. To Catch In The Air With Your Hand, Two Chosen Cards
  67. Flapjack
  68. The Rising Card Trick
  69. The Shifting Card
  70. How To Pick Out One Card Which Has Been Thought Of From 25 On A Table
  71. To Name In Succession All The Cards In The Pack
  72. To Sort The Pack Without Looking At The Cards
  73. To Guess One Of Sixteen Cards
  74. To Make Several Cards Change From One Person To Another
  75. To Find A Chosen Card In A Person’s Pocket
  76. How To Tell The Amount Of Bottom Cards In A Deck That Has Been Split Into Heaps
  77. To Tell The Card Which Has Been Drawn From A Bridge Pack
  78. To Select From Several Cards A Pair Which Has Been Chosen By One Or More People
  79. The Magic Triplets
  80. How To Guess The Cards That Three People Have Chosen
  81. How To Tell Which Card Has Been Touched
  82. The Four Inseparable Kings
  83. The Jacks And The Constable
  84. To Name A Card Drawn From A Piquet Pack


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Hugh Morris teaches 84 different card tricks of varying 
difficulty, with an explanation of the general principles of sleight 
of hand using ordinary cards.