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Electric Card Deck (Empire)
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Electric Card Deck (Empire)
Electric Card Deck (Empire)
Item #: 22070 (M6-17-3)
Unit: Each

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This is the classic trick deck of playing cards that has been seen in movies, on TV and in shows all over the world. With no practice at all you can have the cards cascade from one hand to the other like a waterfall. It can be used in shows where actors need to look like card sharks, or by magicians.


The performer springs the cards from one hand to the other in a very magical way. Looks like expert card handling. Or reveal the secret for a big laugh!


Each/bag w/insert & instructions.


This cannot be used as a performing deck; it's a gimmicked deck that allows you to look like a card flourish expert.

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A classic comedy deck that goes back to Vaudeville! Look like a card