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Empire Magic Collection Kit #10
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #10
Item #: 19871 (F1-2-4)
Unit: Each

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Learn 4 easy to do tricks!




Magic Eggs and Scarf (A scarf is shown on both sides, and then... several eggs magically appear and are poured into a hat... finally, all the eggs disappear!).


Floating Paper Clip (A paper clip is placed on a playing card. The magician then makes the paper clip float in mid air!)


Magic Water Jug (The water in a vase is emptied. Then, amazingly, the water is emptied several more times!)


Magic Coin Box (A coin dropped into a box...magically penetrates through the magician's hand!).


Box measures 5.5 x 8 x 1.5 inches.

Empire Magic Collection Kit #10
In Stock
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Includes 4 tricks that are great for beginning magicians: Magic Eggs 
and Scarf, Floating Paper Clip, Magic Water Jug, and Magic Coin Box.