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Empire Magic Collection Kit #11
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #11
Empire Magic Collection Kit #11
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Learn 4 easy to do tricks! Includes: Magic Racing Tube (Two beads are dropped into a tube. Then the last bead is added…Amazingly, the last bead races ahead to be the first bead out!) Magic Miracle Dice (Five dice are closed up in a box. The same number is up on each die! The Box is given a good shake… The numbers have now changed! Magic Coin Paddle - A paddle is shown with a coin on each side. The coins magically vanish and reappear! Magic Beads Illusion (3 beads are threaded on 2 strings… magically the beads leap free from the strings!). Box measures 5.5 x 8 x 1.5 inches.

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Includes 4 tricks that are great for beginning magicians: Magic 
Racing Tube, Magic Miracle Dice, Magic Coin Paddle, Magic Beads