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Empire Magic Collection Kit #5
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #5
Item #: E18722
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Learn 4 easy to do tricks! Includes: Jumping Diamond Rod (the diamonds on the rod jump to different positions and change color), Card Box (a playing card placed in this box is changed into another card), Coin Nest (a marked quarter disappears from a handkerchief inside of 4 nested boxes), and Coin Coaster (a clear glass is placed upside down on a coaster and suddenly a quarter appears inside). Includes illustrated instructions. Box measures 5.5 x 8 x 1.5 inches.

Empire Magic Collection Kit #5
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Coin Coaster Tray (Wonder)
A glass is inverted over a plastic coaster. The magician vanishes a quarter. Instantly, the coin appears underneath the inverted glass. The appearance takes place without cover, and take no sleight of hand to perform. Red coaster only.
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #2
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A magic set of four easy to learn tricks: Jumping Diamond Rod, Card 
Box, Coin Nest, and Coin Coaster.