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Empire Magic Collection Kit #6
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #6
Item #: 18723 (M28-3-2)
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Each/printed box includes 4 Easy-To-Do Tricks and illustrated instructions.  Includes:My Favorite Rope Tricks (3 ropes are shown to be equal in length, then they magically become unequal), Zig Zag Rope (a magical case cuts and restores a rope), Color Vision (the magician is able to corrrectly predict the color face up in a closed box), Drawer Box (small objects placed in the magic drawer vanish at your command).  Box measures 5.5 x 8 x 1.5 inches.

Empire Magic Collection Kit #6
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Learn four easy to do tricks with this set:  My Favorite Rope Trick, 
Drawer Box, Zig Zag Rope, and Color Vision.