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Enchanted Picture Rabbit in Hat  (FT)
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Enchanted Picture Rabbit in Hat  (FT)
Enchanted Picture Rabbit in Hat (FT)
Item #: 19304 (M8-18-3)
Unit: Each

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A cute rabbit magically appears in an empty hat in a printed picture. The apparatus supplied consists of the special picture, ready to use. Produced by offset printing in vibrant colors, and laminated to give you a long lasting prop. Picture is approximately 11" tall and 7" wide. You could use two pictures, and make the rabbit jump from one hate to the other. Or you could use three of these pictures, to perform a Find the Rabbit (Three Card Monte type) effect.

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The picture magically changes to include a rabbit. Offset printed in 
vibrant colors, then laminated to give you a long lasting prop. 
Picture is approximately 11" tall and 7" wide.