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Cutting Ten by H. Evans
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Cutting Ten by H. Evans
Cutting Ten by H. Evans
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The Magician demonstrates that he can cut to ten every time from a deck of cards. Three different spectators are invited to also cut to ten from the remaining deck. The Magician then explains that cutting to ten doesn't mean ten cards, but the '10' card in the deck and proceeds to reveal the top card from each stack is a different 10 card (hearts, diamonds, etc.). If that weren't enough, the next four cards under each 10 are turned over, revealing a Royal Flush for each cut stack. The entire remaining deck is fanned out and all the cards have currency symbols! Comes complete with instructional DVD and gimmick deck. NOTE: DVD will not play in standard DVD players. It will play in computers with DVD drives.
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Henry Evans presents cool card trick. Continually cut the deck based on the number 10.