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Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase (Dover)
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Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase (Dover)
Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase (Dover)
Item #: BK13048 (L4-1-3)
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Although this wonderful book was originally published in 1902, it still stands up today as one of the most sought after works on card manipulation. Dealing seconds, palming cards, stacking the deck and other valuable moves that are included in this "Bible" of card magic. New, soft cover edition.
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Expert Card Conjuring and Expert Card Chicanery by A. Sharpe - 2 Books Set
BK14533 (L4-1-2.M28-3-1)
These books include card magic taught by several magicians. Compiled by Alton Sharpe. See Item Details for Table of Contents of Parts One and Two.
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The Cards Expert Lesson by Henry Evans
Cut the four aces and four kings from the middle of the deck.
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Carpenter, Expert Card Routines DVD
Carpenter teaches some higher level card magic.
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Self Working Card Tricks by K. Fulves
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Fulves teaches over 70 of his best card tricks.
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Carpenter, Expert Gambling Routines DVD
Carpenter uses sleight of hand to gain an edge with some gambling routines.
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Card Mastery by MacDougall and Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase
BK12553 (L2-2-2.M48-3-1)
Includes the full text of the bible of card manipulation, “The Expert At The Card Table”, by S.W. Erdnase; AND new sleights and methods of culling, stacking and bottom stealing. For card men, magicians and Gambling Expose acts.
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A. Ackerman - Las Vegas Card Expert DVD
Ackerman teaches card magic.
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Expert Card Mysteries by A. Sharpe
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Sharpe teaches over 60 magic routines with the help of other magicians.
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Chained - Ring to the Chain
14775 (M3-17-3)
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Dice Atomizer (FT)
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Royal Hypnotic Choice
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Magic Coloring Book 5" x 8" (TM)
20710 (M12-10-2, R14)
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Magicians Rope - 50 ft White 1/3" No Core (FT)
21203 (M13-5-2)
Cotton braided magicians rope, made WITHOUT core. 1/3" (7.5 mm) thick. Soft and very loose. Pure white. Works great for stage or parlor magic.
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Learn some of the greatest card manipulation tricks ever.