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Expert Card Conjuring and Expert Card Chicanery by A. Sharpe - 2 Books Set
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Expert Card Conjuring and Expert Card Chicanery by A. Sharpe - 2 Books Set
Expert Card Conjuring and Expert Card Chicanery by A. Sharpe - 2 Books Set
Item #: BK14533 (L4-1-2.M28-3-1)
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Two books in one by Alton Sharpe, the author who is famous for compiling the best routines by the best card magicians. Anyone who is familiar with this series by Sharpe knows they will be getting their money's worth. One trick used is worth the entire price of the book. Ed Marlo has contributed his pet moves and effects for a large portion of this book. He is joined by other pros like Bruce Cervon, Robert Parrish, Charlie Miller, and Senator Cradall. Many photos included, 208 pages. 

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These books include card magic taught by several magicians.  
Compiled by Alton Sharpe. See Item Details for Table of Contents of 
Parts One and Two.