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E-Z Egg Bag with Egg (FT)
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E-Z Egg Bag with Egg (FT)
E-Z Egg Bag with Egg (FT)
Item #: 11527 (M-8-12-4)
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One of the most popular tricks in magic! A bag is shown empty, but the magician places his hand inside and produces an egg. The egg vanishes and reappears. Many other comedy effects are explained in the routine which we furnish, together with the bag and a solid egg.

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Malini Egg Bag and DVD - Black Bag (Bazar de Magia)
20763 (M2-11-1)
An egg vanishes and is then produced from a previously examined empty bag. Includes high quality silk Malini style egg bag, DVD with routine and explanations, and instructions on how to make your own blow egg. Black color bag.
Out of Stock

Egg Surprise (Wonder)
20456 (M7-17-1)
A box is opened to show a small egg. When the box is shaken and re- opened, the egg has now become bigger in size! When the box is shut and opened again, the huge egg has now hatched into a full grown hen!!!
Out of Stock

Malini Egg Bag (FT)
20065 (M14-1-3)
Vanish the egg in the bag then have the spectator make it reappear! Complete with egg, bag, and 2 pages of detailed instructions.
Out of Stock

Mesh Egg Bag
19280 (M14-5-2)
The egg will appear and vanish within the bag.
Out of Stock

Egg Deluxe Plastic Hollow (FT)
13264 (M7-17-2)
A hollow egg that can be used for many tricks.
Out of Stock

Silk to Egg EGGSPosure (FT)
11110 (M19-14-1)
A small silk is pushed into your hand. Open your hand & the silk has turned into an egg. Expose your secret, pulling the silk out of a hole in the plastic egg. Repeat, yet THIS TIME you crack the egg open and prove it's a REAL EGG!
In Stock

Rubber Chicken
17232 (M18-5-1)
A full size rubber chicken.
In Stock

EGGStraordinary Acrobatic Blocks (FT)
18617 (M7-17-3)
3 cubes, red, white, and blue, are dropped into a tube. When turned upside down, they are in the same order. Audience suspects an extra cube...No! It's an egg!
In Stock

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21721 (M5-12-3)
This is a paddle version of the black and white trick! The 2 colors jump from one paddle to the other paddle. Then they change into bright colors on all sides!
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Rattlesnake Eggs - PBH - Pack of 12 (Empire)
21694 (M17-12-3)
These rattlesnake eggs are a classic gag. Pack of 12, polybag with header card.
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Tenyo Phone Appetit T-299
21643 (M21-1-2)
While wearing a face mask printed with a giant red mouth, the magician suddenly “eats” a smartphone in plain view!
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21624 (M22-12-1)
Thumbcuffs - A set of handcuffs but for your thumbs, for a closeup escape.
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Multiplying Dice Trick (Dice Atomizer or Dice Bomb)
21605 (M15-13-4.5)
Shake it up and watch the large die explode into many smaller dice. A dynamic trick that’s stood the test of time.
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Mysterious Cup (FT)
21574 (M15-12-2)
An ordinary looking plastic cup with magical properties.
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A classic! Pull a solid egg out of an empty bag. Includes the bag 
and a solid