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E-Z Money Vanisher (FT)
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E-Z Money Vanisher (FT)
E-Z Money Vanisher (FT)
Item #: 12613 (M4-16-1)
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This trick is one of the simplest yet most astounding around. Borrow a dollar bill from a friend, and place it on top of a piece of colored paper. Fold the paper over the dollar bill, then fold it into another paper, then another paper and another. When all of the papers are unfolded, the dollar bill is GONE!

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Buddha Papers Triple Change (FT)
21788 (M1-15-2)
This is a utility prop which can be used to produce, change and vanish cards, coins, currency bills, paper slips, tokens, or other small flat items.
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Handkerchief Vanisher (E-Z)
14107 (M4-6-4)
Be able to make any small object disappear! A handkerchief vanisher can be used to vanish silks, bills, sponge balls, or any other small objects, leaving your hands clean.
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Stage Money - Pack of 1000
17450 (M7-11-4)
1,000 fake bills of varying denominations.
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Buddha Papers Mystery (FT)
14933 (M1-16-1)
Coins, keys, bills, paper slips, tokens, and similar small items can be produced or vanished from colorful folded pieces of paper.
In Stock

Money Magic by J. Hugard
BK14626 (M10-10-3.4)
Hugard teaches manipulations and tricks with paper money. 59 pages, illustrated.
In Stock

Royal Coin Catcher and Vanisher
10024 (M7-9-1)
Easily make coins vanish from your hand.
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Mini Finger Reel - Plastic (FT)
9970 (M6-13-2)
Snatch money and unknot silks with this contraption.
In Stock

Magic Money Maker #5720
10825 (M5-14-1)
Change blank paper into money, then the money into larger denominations.
Out of Stock

Buddha Money Mystery (Royal)
10969 (M7-7-4)
Change one item into another - with no skill! The magician places a small object inside papers, then re-folds them. Upon re-opening them, the small object has changed into a $100 bill, or even vanished! The possibilities are endless.
In Stock

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21989 (M9-12-2)
Magician instantaneously shifts the rope from thru the middle hole to the end hole. This is a very subtle but amazing effect.
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Utility Change Bag (FT)
21905 (M9-4-2)
The Utility Change Bag is a different concept in Change Bags. It does everything an ordinary Change Bag can do. This Change Bag looks like a woman’s hand bag. It has a zip opening on the side.
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Invisible Thread Loops - Deluxe (FT)
21852 (M5-1-3)
You can animate or levitate light objects. You can make a deck of cards cut itself for a haunted deck effect. You can with Invisible Thread Loops!
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Grandmas Necklace (FT)
21840 (M5-4-3)
It seems impossible to remove the beads without the cords being cut. But the magician does exactly that!
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Z Wallet by Vincenzo DiFatta (VDF)
21833 (M9-13-4)
A great wallet to switch things! Switch a red-backer for blue. Change a dollar to a hundred dollar bill. Have a message appear on a blank sheet of paper.
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Doggie Doo Bulk - Pack of 12
21817 (M3-14-3)
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The borrowed bill magically vanishes from inside the folded papers.