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Famous Penny to Dime with Metal Bang Ring
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Famous Penny to Dime with Metal Bang Ring
Famous Penny to Dime with Metal Bang Ring
Item #: 21996 (O3 - DRAW)
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A dime vanishes or passes through your hand!


Seven astonishing effects can be performed with this all-time favorite trick.   A dime and a penny are put on the back of your open hand. The penny is moved to cover the dime. A tap of the coins and the dime mysteriously passes through your hand! Many variations of this trick can be done including a vanishing of the dime.  Both coins can immediately be examined!  


Includes metal bang ring. Printed instructions are included.

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These simple coins have a few tricks up their sleeve. Make a dime 
pass through your hand! Many variations with this trick. Both 
coins can immediately be examined! Includes metal bang ring.