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Fan-tastic Message (VDF)
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Fan-tastic Message (VDF)
Fan-tastic Message (VDF)
Item #: 21455 (M8-8-4)
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You mix a deck of cards and have one selected. Then you triumphantly name the chosen card.. but it is wrong! A little embarrassed, you excuse yourself for the mistake, and name another card... but you are wrong again! Now in serious trouble, you really start to feel the "heat" of the situation, so you pull out a mini electric fan. After a few seconds, brightly written in the turning fan, is a message with the selected card!

Very easy to do!


You can program up to 4 "Thank you!" or "I love you!"


(Needs 3 "AA" batteries - not included.)


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A great card reveal! After being unable to name the selected card, 
you realize that you are feeling the "heat" of your failure. You 
turn on a small fan to cool off. The fan reveals the card!