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Appearing Cane Universal Holder (FT)
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Appearing Cane Universal Holder (FT)
Appearing Cane Universal Holder (FT)
Item #: 14101 (M1-3-2)
Unit: Each

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You walk onto the stage with your hands both obviously empty. As you reach into the air you have a full length walking stick in your hands. This little holder is used for easy access to your appearing cane available from your magic dealer. Buy a few clips and a few canes!

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Color Changing Silk to String of Silks (FT)
20632 (M3-2-4)
Performer displays a Red and White Silk tied together. He passes them through his fist and they change to a pair of striped red and white silks. Then the performer stretches the ring and which grows to form one large ring of striped silk.
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Appearing Cane - SS Economy (FT) - Blue
20206 (M1-5-3)
This blue cane can appear from your hand.
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Appearing Cane - SS Economy (FT) - Red
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This red cane can appear from your hand.
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Appearing Cane - Economy Plastic - Black  (VDF)
19858 (M1-4-4)
The magician shows a silk and changes it into a walking stick, or makes it appear in a moment from nothing.
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Diamond Cut Silks 18" (10" x 25") Assorted Pack of 12
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Cane, Card or Silk Holder Accessory for Appearing Tricks (FT)
9934 (M2-17-4)
This will hold your cane, card or silk in place until you are ready to produce it. A very handy device!
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Appearing Cane - Silver SS 3 Feet (FT)
11041 (M1-13-1)
Made of stainless steel, silver in color and stretches to 3 feet in length. Looks like solid steel. No rusting, no oiling and cleaning, no mess, and no color fading.
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Cigarette Through Card (FT)
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Billiard Ball Holder (FT)
18293 (M1-11-4)
A metal wire accessory, to hold balls, eggs, lemons, rolled up silks, or similar items singly for secret access.
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Help hide the cane until you are ready to reveal it.