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Fantasma Metamorphtrix Magic Show - 200 Tricks Magic Kit
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Fantasma Metamorphtrix Magic Show - 200 Tricks Magic Kit
Fantasma Metamorphtrix Magic Show - 200 Tricks Magic Kit
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This bestselling Metamorphtrix set contains its own production table to perform tricks like a pro! Make things vanish and appear. Float any object. Comes with Miracle Deck, Pen Through Bill, Linking Ring Through String, Magic Bubbles and more! Instructional DVD included! Endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world largest magic organization!  Includes magic production table, linking ring through string, box of mystery, the wonder deck, secret gimmick, pen through bill, 4 linking rings, 4 sponge balls, bubble bottle, bubble want bite out cookie, secret levitation gadget, instructional DVD, and instructional booklet. Ages 8 and up.

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Bestselling Fantasma Magic kit! 200 magic tricks set contains its 
own production table, all supplies, and instructional DVD. Ages 8 
years and up.