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Fantastic Balloons - Balloon Sculpturing Book
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Fantastic Balloons - Balloon Sculpturing Book
Fantastic Balloons - Balloon Sculpturing Book
Item #: BK14537 (L5-1-4)
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Each balloon shown is an actually 3D photo on a clear backround in full color. Over 44 balloons with 1000 photos, the book is 48 pages full color 8.5" x 11". Produced bi-lingually in English and Italian. There are shapes you only dreamed of and a lot you never would conceive. The Donald, Popeye, Felix, Road Runner, Goofy, Mickey, and Scrooge are the BEST intricate and most realistic balloon shapes ever!
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This book includes 44 original sculptures, illustrated with 1000 
step-by-step color pictures. For beginners and experts.
Written in two languages: English and Italian.