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Feather Bouquet - 15"
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Feather Bouquet - 15"
Feather Bouquet - 15"
Item #: 13966 (M4-16-2)
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Your hands are shown to be empty. A large cloth is turned to show both sides. Place the cloth over your hand, quickly pull it off. You are now holding a large feather bouquet. When you purchase this beautiful prop, you will have a prop of many uses. These brightly colored bouquets are wonderful.

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Blooming Carnation (Cloth) (FT)
21568 (M1-14-2)
With a magic pass, a bud appears at the end of a bare stalk, and slowly blooms into a large carnation. You can pretend to pluck off the flower and toss it into the air, where it apparently vanishes. It reappears on the stalk.
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Sleeve Flower Bouquet - 10 Cloth Blooms (FT)
20373 (M8-17-3)
This is a production bouquet of ten large cloth flowers (which makes a much bigger display than a bouquet of ten or more chicken feather flowers). Produce after showing your hands empty or from any production prop.
In Stock

Metallic Flower Bouquet - 14.5" Large (VDF)
19688 (M14-6-4)
Produce this bouquet from your empty hands, magic apparatus, or from anywhere you like. Bright colors, super resistant, high quality material. Includes 13 Assorted color spring flowers. Diameter = 14.5" / 37 cm.
Out of Stock

Flower Production Foulard with Bouquets (FT)
15250 (M4-9-1)
Produce up to four flower bouquets from behind the foulard. Comes with special Foulard, four flower (cloth & feather) Bouquets, and instructions.
Out of Stock

Production Flower Bouquets (Pair of 8 Flowers) (FT)
14362 (R7-1-4)
Production flower bouquet. 2 different colored bouquets in each pair, one for each hand. 8 flowers in each bouquet.
Out of Stock

Bargain Bouquet (20 flowers) (FT)
18034 (M2-16-3)
A beautiful feather production bouquet! Large enough to be seen at a great distance. The 20 flowers are colorful, and the leaves are a rich dark green.
In Stock

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Pull a 15" bouquet of 5 flowers from beneath a cloth.