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Finger Flasher (Ickle Pickle)
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Finger Flasher (Ickle Pickle)
Finger Flasher (Ickle Pickle)
Item #: 20478 (M8-4-2)
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This is a two finger model for greater stability.  After showing his hands empty, the performer produces a startling flash from a seemingly empty hand.  This is a new and safe method for lighting flash cotton at close range.  An industrial flint wheel is used to create the sparks, thus lighting the nitro-cellulose fiber.  This unit is not intended to project a fireball, but simply produces a flame from within your hand.

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This is a two finger model from which you can produce a startling 
flash from a seemingly empty hand. A safe method for lighting flash 
cotton at close range, to produce a flame from within your hand.