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Flash Flag Surprise (FT)
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Flash Flag Surprise (FT)
Flash Flag Surprise (FT)
Item #: 19255 (M9-1-3)
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The performer displays a silk on both sides, with dozens of different multicolor flags on it. He asks the audience to name their favorite flag. Obviously they will name the Stars and Stripes. (This model being designed for a predominantly American audience.) The performer snaps the silk, and it is found to have instantly transformed into a large American flag, which is again displayed on both sides, stretched between the performer's hands. Ready to work with no extra preparation. The unfolded flag is 16" x 13".

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Flash Mismade Flag (E-ZX)
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A flash model of the popular mismade flag effect that requires no additional props like change bags, or false moves. The flag is wrong but when shaken, it becomes right. 13.5" x 16.5".
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Production String of Flags - Large (FT)
String of Flags make a very impressive production, and is made up of 12 silk flags strung along a ribbon or string. It becomes over 10 feet in length. Large 4" x 6" silk flag size.
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American Flag Production Silk 36" x 60" (FT)
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Giant American Flag, measuring approximately 36" x 60", can be fixed to your Flag staff, permitting you to do a Flag production out of thin air for any type of show.
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Flag Staff Production (FT)
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Performer produces a giant 3 foot long x 5 foot wide flag, complete with flag pole, from under their jacket.
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Flags Chameleon Streamer (FT)
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Identical to the Chameleon Rainbow Streamer only with flags from many nations. The perfect unexpected climax to a Mismade Flag routine. Good quality pure silk, approximately 6" wide and over a meter long. Self contained, and very easy to use.
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American Flag Production Silk 22" x 36" (FT)
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A large American Flag production silk, 22" x 36". Made of high quality, heavyweight (40 gsm) silk.
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Flash Card Prediction Silk - Queen of Clubs (FT)
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A predicted card appears on a silk. Queen of Clubs.
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Turn one flag picturing smaller flags of dozens of nations into a 
large American flag in a flash! The unfolded flag is 16" x 13".