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Flashback - 2 Books Set
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Flashback - 2 Books Set
Flashback - 2 Books Set
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Something new in an ESP book test. These specially printed books (you receive two) will make you an instant mentalist. Have the spectator flip to any page in the book and instantly tell them the first word on the page. There are hundreds of possibilities and you do not see the page. It's great!
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A collection of five examinable books and a dictionary to perform the ultimate book test, and a Hoy Book Test. Created by the legendary Larry Becker.
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Osterlind Presents Corindas 13 Steps to Mentalism DVD
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13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda
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World of Super Mentalism by Larry Becker - Book 1
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One of the most direct and easiest book tests to perform, created by 
the legendary Larry Becker.