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Flint Flasher - Professional Model (Viking)
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Flint Flasher - Professional Model (Viking)
Flint Flasher - Professional Model (Viking)
Item #: 22099 (M1-12-5)
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Flint Flasher - Professional hand-held model.


Produce a flash of fire from your hand with a Flint Flasher. Finest Quality! 


You are supplied with a small flint unit easily concealed in the hand. Simply strike the flint with your thumb and create a bright flash of fire from your hand.


This is a professional product made for professional use.


Not sold to minors.


Uses Flash Cotton or Flash paper - sold separately.

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You are supplied with a small flint unit easily concealed in the 
hand. Simply strike the flint with your thumb and create a bright 
flash of fire from your hand.