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Flint Flasher (Theatre FX)
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Flint Flasher (Theatre FX)
Flint Flasher (Theatre FX)
Item #: 21823 (M4-10-4)
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The Pyrowizard™ Flint Flasher is a heavy-duty mechanical device that creates a nice flash of fire. So useful you will carry one everywhere you go! Great for magic shows, wizard costumes, etc.


Extremely popular for productions of "The Wizard of Oz" and "Damn Yankees."  Also great for use as an "attention-getter" for speeches and corporate events.  (Wake up the audience with a burst of fire from your "bare" hands!)


So small it can be used while holding other props; can be used in right hand or left; can be shot up or down.  Spark Wheel Assembly is machined out of brass and construction is all metal. Requires Flash Cotton (not included). Also works with Flash Paper (with a small amount of Flash Cotton).  



Dimensions: 1/2" diameter x 1/2"
Ignition: Spark Wheel Assembly
Requires Flash Cotton (not included)

Must be 21 years of age * Only sold to professionals * Does not ship outside the USA


 (You must not use Flash Powder or Flame Powder in a handheld device.)

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A heavy-duty mechanical device that creates a nice flash of 
fire. So useful you will carry one everywhere you go! (Well, maybe 
not on your next flight...But to the neighborhood barbecue, why