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Floating Chair (FT)
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Floating Chair (FT)
Floating Chair (FT)
Item #: 22113 (R10-1-1)
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The chair appears to be totally normal until - it floats around you! Together with a spectator, or by yourself, you can make this chair float simply by slipping a beautiful long foulard onto the chair.  You can do it totally surrounded!


It is unbreakable and weighs only 470 grams.  Comes with stainless steel gimmick and 6 foot long scarf.


Easy to assemble and packs flat.  Chair’s dimensions: 68×41×39 cm.  Outer box size: 24×17×2 inches.


Made of eco-friendly foam material.


Teaching video and setup are included with link and password.


Enjoy this video demonstration:

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The chair appears to be totally normal until - it 
floats around you! Together with a spectator, or by yourself, you 
can make this chair float.