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Floating Currency (FT)
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Floating Currency (FT)
Floating Currency (FT)
Item #: 13732 (M9-3-4)
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Both of your hands are proven to be empty. A real dollar bill is placed on your open hand, and within a few seconds, the bill begins to slowly rise up and off of your hand. To prove there are no strings attached, you take another bill and pass it over, around and under the floating bill. A wonderful trick.
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Tenyo Floating Card T-238
The chosen card will hover above the deck.
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Loops New Generation (Mesika)
15163 (M12-5-3)
Be able to make heavy objects move or other objects float with ease. This utility is quick to set up and easy to master. Move silverware, sunglasses, a ring or bill. Includes 8 loops, video, Loops Saver and instructions.
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Floating Match - 2g+1 (FT)
9463 (M9-3-1)
A lit match hovers above a selected card.
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Hyrum Haunted Hank
12442 (M10-5-3)
This silk will float right out of the hands of the magician.
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Loops DVD 2 Volume Set (Mesika)
In this one of a kind DVD set, hosted by Luna Shimada, for the first time together, Master Magicians Finn Jon & Yigal Mesika unveil the best kept inside secrets to using Loops.
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Shim Shell Coins - Half Dollar
18362 (O4-2-1)
This .50 shell has a steel shim inserted into it. Great for a variety of coin routines.
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Deluxe Card Catcher (FT)
10471 (M6-3-3)
Makes catching cards in the air MUCH MUCH easier.
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Pocket Cutting a Lady in Half (FT)
Cut the picture in half and it is magically restored.
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Vanishing Deck - Black (FT)
15140 (M24-2-1)
Make an entire deck of cards disappear, leaving the box completely empty! Alternatively, you can also change it into a matchbox, a silk or a miniature deck. Very easy to do, and extremely baffling. Comes ready to work, with instructions.
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Giant Size Playing Cards - Piatnik 4.5" x 7"
19387 (M9-18-4)
A large deck of cards, with large visuals. From the famous Viennese Piatnik playing card family. 54 card count.
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A seemingly normal bill floats right out of your hand.