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Flower Production Foulard with Bouquets (FT)
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Flower Production Foulard with Bouquets (FT)
Flower Production Foulard with Bouquets (FT)
Item #: 15250 (M9-6-4, 33-3-3)
Unit: Each

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The performer displays a Foulard stretched flat between his hands on both sides. The Foulard is held at the center, allowing the corners to fall. Reaching into the empty foulard, he produces a large Bouquet of Flowers. He repeats this again and again, until four gorgeous Flower Bouquets have been produced. Supplied complete with the special foulard and four very attractive flower bouquets. Very easy to perform.

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Produce up to four flower bouquets from behind the foulard.  Comes 
with special Foulard, four flower (cloth & feather) Bouquets, and