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Flower Spray from Wand in Pot (FT)
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Flower Spray from Wand in Pot (FT)
Flower Spray from Wand in Pot (FT)
Item #: 21794 (M4-12-2)
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A larger deluxe stage version of the very popular Flower from Wand in Pot.  Performer displays an empty Flower Pot.  He taps this with his Magic Wand, and instantly a large spray of flowers appears in the Pot.


We supply you with the Flower Pot (4.75 inches in diameter), Wand (12 inches), and Flower Spray which is made from synthetic fibres and will last a lifetime.


The trick is entirely mechanical in working, and can be performed by anyone after reading the instructions.



Video Demonstration:

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Performer displays an empty Flower Pot.  He taps it with his 
Magic Wand, and instantly a large spray of flowers appears in the