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Foam Dove 7" Regular (Goshman)
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Foam Dove 7" Regular (Goshman)
Foam Dove 7" Regular (Goshman)
Item #: 12757 (M9-8-4)
Unit: Each

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This is a slightly longer version of our regular foam dove with a longer red beak. A foam dove can be used in many magic situations.  As a production item, you can make it appear from a dove pan or a change bag. If you work with live doves, you can place the foam dove in a paper bag, crumble it up and reproduce the real dove elsewhere.


Please note: White foam fades in light. It fades very quickly. These doves do get faded due to oxidation. Therefore, we have to let you know that the supplied doves might not be pure white, they may be lightly shaded. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

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A fake dove, made of foam. Red beak, smooth. Yellowish-white / Ivory 
colored foam. A bit more detail in body. Sold "as is".