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Folding Lantern Hat
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Folding Lantern Hat
Folding Lantern Hat
Item #: 21099 (M9-9-4)
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These folding lantern hats come in assorted polka dot and zebra print designs. Fun and whimsically, you will definitely get noticed when you wear one of these hats to your next party or celebration. Also makes a great costume hat for any costume, especially children's book characters. Accordion style folded crown expands up to 7.75" tall. Adult size, 13" long x 12" wide. Made of paper and cardboard. Assorted polka dot and Zebra print designs.

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Get a funky accessory for your costume, Halloween party, or kids 
book character event. Assorted polka dot and zebra print designs.  
Accordion style folded hat expands up to 7.75" tall. Adult size, 13" 
long x 12" wide.