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Forgetful Snowman
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Forgetful Snowman
Forgetful Snowman
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A model of a snowman is shown to the spectators.  The magician talks about how his head kept falling off when building him. As the magician says this, he takes the head from the body and vanishes it in a devil’s napkin that is provided with the effect. He then takes a balloon, blows it up and places it where the head was on the body, telling the spectators that the only thing that would solve the problem would be to replace the head with a balloon.

For an additional comic effect, a mouth, eyes and nose are drawn on the balloon with a magic marker. Magician has a conversation with the snowman where he tells him how unhappy he is to have “lost his head”. Magician tells the snowman that he will restore his head if he learns to keep it from falling off. The balloon “magically” pops and the head is restored. This is a brilliant trick for children and grownups of all ages.

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Magician removes snowman's head and vanishes it. He replaces head 
with a balloon. Banter and showmanship, until the balloon 
“magically” pops and the head is restored.